Choosing the right SEO reseller plan

Basically there are two types of SEO reseller plans, the white label SEO reseller plans and the black label SEO reseller plans. The white label when the search engine optimization provider uses the techniques and methods that are accepted by search engine such as Google. The black label SEO reseller plan on the other is the opposite of the white label as it uses unethical and unacceptable techniques in optimizing the websites of the clients.

From these two basic types of plans, the search engine optimization company or provider may also offer other types of SEO reseller plans which the reseller can choose from in reselling the service. These are the enterprise SEO reseller plans and the SEO affiliate program. The enterprise SEO reseller plans is when the reseller earns commission by referring the customers to the search engine optimization provider. In this case, all other transaction and communication are between the SEO provider and the customer and the reseller is nothing more than a sales agent. The SEO affiliate program is when the reseller offers the SEO services to customers like it is one of his services. This is usually the plan taken by resellers who have their own technology related business, such as web design and web hosting companies. The search engine optimization service becomes one of their services and as such the service is under their company name. All the negotiation and management of the customers who contracted the SEO is done by the reseller. In this SEO reseller plan, the search engine optimization provider will not deal with the customers directly. So in case of complaints and other concerns, the reseller will receive them communicate it to the SEO provider and provides the solution to the customers. The good thing about this plan is that with the right SEO provider the reseller will not have any problem about managing the clients. In turn, this will significantly increase the income of the reseller because he can offer the service in different packages to suit the various needs of his clients. He can simply get the package from the SEO provider and create his own plans to offer to his clients that would be most profitable to him.

The reseller therefore can make his own SEO reseller plans or get the plans that his customers need. These may be the plans for newly established small businesses to plans small and medium enterprises to plans for large corporations.

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